Understanding the Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost in Australia

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

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The emergence of wisdom teeth, typically occurring between the ages of 17 and 25, can bring about sudden pain and discomfort in the jaws. While some may experience a relatively mild discomfort initially, for others, the pain intensifies, necessitating a visit to the dentist. This blog aims to provide insights into the cost of wisdom tooth removal in Australia, offering details about the procedure and the factors influencing its pricing.

What is Meant by Wisdom Tooth? 

The wisdom tooth, or third molar, is the last set of molars that typically emerge in a person’s late twenties—positioned at the back of the mouth, not all wisdom teeth require removal. It is a natural aspect of oral development, and managing this phase is crucial.

Is it Painful? 

The emergence of wisdom teeth can be painful, ranging from dull to throbbing sensations. Pain may arise due to infections developing within the wisdom tooth, leading to potential disruptions in oral cavity functioning. However, not everyone experiences pain; some wisdom teeth grow without causing discomfort.

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal 

The cost of wisdom tooth removal in Australia varies based on the specific treatment required. Commonly, the cost ranges from $120 to $3,000. The price variation is attributed to the different types of treatment, including surgical and simple extractions, depending on the tooth’s condition.

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary? 

Wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary when the tooth grows at an incorrect angle, causing pain and swelling. This is done to prevent further complications. However, in cases where wisdom teeth cause no trouble, extraction may not be necessary. A dentist will assess the individual’s oral condition to determine the essential course of action.

Factors Affecting the Cost 

Several factors contribute to the variability in the cost of wisdom tooth removal:

  1. Surgery: Surgical removal is more expensive due to the complexity of deeply rooted wisdom teeth. Oral surgeries may involve an oral surgeon and general anaesthesia, especially for impacted teeth, contributing to higher costs.
  2. Simple Extraction: Simple tooth extraction is a more cost-effective option, involving local anaesthesia and a less intricate removal process, as the tooth is slightly connected to the upper soft tissues of the jaw.


The cost of wisdom tooth removal in Australia is influenced by location, complexity, premature development, and infection. Failure to address wisdom tooth issues promptly may impact the jaw. The type of procedure significantly determines the overall cost. Prospective patients are encouraged to consult their chosen clinic or hospital for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to remove all four wisdom teeth?

No, it is not necessary to extract all four wisdom teeth. Removal is advised if they cause pain or disturbance. If they are not problematic, extraction may not be required.

Can infection occur in a wisdom tooth?

Yes, if a wisdom tooth grows at an incorrect angle or location, there is a risk of infection if not treated promptly.

When should I consult a dentist?

If the pain persists longer than expected, consulting a dentist in Yamanto is recommended. A dental professional can guide whether surgery or simple extraction is necessary.

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